COVID-19: Number of confirmed cases expected to reach between 675 and 766 today

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The Philippines’ confirmed cases of Covid-19 is expected to increase by 39 to 130 today, March 26, according to a triple exponential smoothing model ran today.

With the expected increase of number of cases based on a 95% confidence interval, the country will now have between 675 and 766 confirmed cases with 720 as the data point forecast for today.

Forecasts from Triple Exponential Smoothing, also known as Holt-Winter’s Method, for March 26, 2020 onwards

The same model suggests that a total of 815 to 1,301 confirmed cases by March 31. The predictive model displays a plot (above) and a table (below).

The confirmed cases of coronavirus disease rose to 636 on Wednesday (March 25) from Tuesday’s 552, according to the Department of Health. DOH also reported that the total number of recoveries rose to 26 as 6 more patients have been cleared of the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19).


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